Longest Frisbee Throw Ever Says This Guy

When you’re out on a mountaintop with your friends and your friend is standing downslope from you and you have a frisbee, it’s probably hard not to get a little carried away when you throw that frisbee and it looks like it’s going super far because also there’s no way you aren’t high right now, which is fine, but I’m just saying that that might have something to do with how you’re perceiving the feat you think you’ve accomplished and maybe when you upload the video to YouTube it’s possible that not everyone who watches it is going to be similarly high or similarly into frisbees and maybe they won’t be as impressed with how long the frisbee travelled, even if it is kind of long, just because first of all it doesn’t look so impressive and second of all it’s the internet and I’m sure there are countless very long frisbee throws all over the place in here, so maybe let’s not get carried away with ourselves:

Then again I cannot even throw a frisbee to the person standing directly next to me, so good job, guy. That is a pretty far throw. You are the captain please pick me for you Ultimate Frisbee team but also can I sit all the games and practices out I think I have tendonitis, also I’ll have to sit out the games at my own home because I can’t think of anything more boring than frisbee, I do want to be on a winning team though, please invite me to the after party, ok goodnight. (Via Reddit.)