Would You Like To Be A Videogum Intern?

Hey everybody! I have some exciting news! Get very excited and get your hopes as high as they can go before I tell you the news. Don’t read the title of this post. Ok, are you hopes raised? Good. Now: Videogum is looking for some summer interns! Yay! I hope you’re in the correct demographic to be excited for that!

The internship would consist of helping Videogum with its day-to-day operation, while learning about how It All Works and gaining lots of blogsperience. “This is not an internship where you’ll be running to get anyone coffee,” is what other internships would say in this case. But other internships are for nerds! And obviously it is not that.

Since everything we do is on the internet, you don’t have to live in New York to apply. You can live anywhere. You can also live in New York. Also, this internship will be unpaid but we can offer college credit.

So, do YOU love Videogum? Do YOU love the internet? Do YOU want a summer internship at Videogum? YOU should send a resume and a writing sample (no attachments) to [email protected], then! Cool! Thank you!