Operation Watch This: Jon Benjamin Has A Van

Jon Benjamin has a new show on Comedy Central! It premiered last night but there is another new episode on tonight. That’s a weird way to do things, but that’s how this thing is being done. You may know Jon Benjamin as the voice of Archer on Archer, or Bob on Bob’s Burgers, or Coach McGurk on Home Movies. Or perhaps you remember him from Dr. Katz, where he played Dr. Katz’s son, Ben. It is kind of hilarious now to imagine Jon Benjamin playing someone’s son. I mean, whatever, he’s not that old, and lots of people have parents, almost everyone at some point, probably, but maybe you know what I am saying. Life changes. His new show is really weird. What is it? I don’t know. It’s a collection of sketches and man on the street pieces and stuff like that but all under the guise of an investigative news show except not really? It’s very confusing. But it is also very funny. Last night, I saw the premiere episode for a second time (pretty impressive of me) and I liked it even more the second time, which is unusual for comedy, because no more surprises. The point is, you should watch it. Maybe you will like it and maybe you will not like it, that is going to be for you to decide, but it’s certainly worth watching. I’ve put two clips after the jump to convince you. If you’re not convinced, I don’t know what to tell you. You’re tough! When people say “tough crowd,” you are probably in the crowd at that moment. Arms all folded. Why’s your face look so mad? And don’t just say “everyone says that but it’s just my face,” because it’s not just your face, something is going on there.

You Can’t Shoot Here

Cash Stall

Jon Benjamin Has a Van is on Comedy Central tonight at 10:30PM EST. Maybe you can tell me what it is! Everything needs to be something!