Well, Kelsey Grammer’s New Show Looks Terrible

I like shows about smoky backroom deals and greasy politicians hungry for power, who doesn’t?! That is just a great subject for a show. So, theoretically, Kelsey Grammer’s new show, Boss, on Starz, whatever THAT is, should be good. It’s called Boss! He wears cufflinks! It’s about Chicago politics, long known as some of the devious and narratively compelling politics! So, what is the problem? Well, the problem is Kelsey Grammer. It’s not that he doesn’t kind of look and sound the part, because he does kind of look and sound the part. He’s no Fred Thompson, but he’s almost Fred Thompson. At this point in his career, though, Kelsey Grammer’s personal life has so far-overshadowed his professional work that it’s impossible to see him as anything less than a lunatic with highly questionable decision making skills. There are, of course, all his marriages (and subsequent divorces) to various strippers and cocktail waitress. His most recent marriage took place TWO WEEKS after the finalization of his most recent divorce. Cool. Cool couple. Congratulations to both of them. He’s also been involved in a sex tape scandal, which, who hasn’t, except that his sex tape scandal seems to have been created by him for publicity? It’s weird. But most importantly, there is this. Remember that? Yuck. Now, you might be saying that an actor’s work should be divorced (four times) from his or her personal life and politics. Sure! But how about A LITTLE HELP from the actor? Like, maybe you should keep some of this stuff to yourself so that when you start a new show on Starz (still no idea what Starz is, and there is no Wikipedia entry for it) we don’t all take one look at you and see a beet-headed monster slathered in stripper juice. (No offense to strippers.) Kelsey Grammer can barely even manage his own body and we’re supposed to believe he’s the mayor of Chicago? (Alternately: it’s kind of like watching a show on Starz about Bill O’Reilly being the mayor of Chicago, not that there isn’t some kind of terrifying and sad believability to Bill O’Reilly being the mayor of Chicago, but that doesn’t make it a show I would want to watch!)

Boss trailer after the jump, you guys:

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