That’s Your Hot Dog: The Happy Hot Dog Man

Hot dogs are delicious. Yum! Everyone knows that. Come on. If you met someone and they didn’t know that hot dogs were delicious, you would have to send them back to do school all over again, Billy Madison style. “If you don’t graduate from the fifth grade, you don’t get your inheritance of one package of hot dogs.” (That is a real quote from that movie and I challenge you to prove me wrong.) But hot dogs are also boring. OH MY GOD, SO BORING! They just sit there on the bun and don’t look anything like a human being at all. Uh, hello? I’m trying to have lunch, not DIE OF BOREDOM. Wait, what? Are you saying that I don’t need to die of boredom at lunch anymore ( make no mistake, I eat hot dogs for lunch every single day, I’m sure. It’s called “brain food,” and it’s important.)? Because now there is an invention called The Happy Hot Dog Man that cuts your hot dog into the shape of a human being or if not a human being then at least one of those weird floppy dancing tube people that they put on the top of used car dealerships? Why didn’t you say so, imaginary person I am fake having this conversation with!

This has been going around the Internet because people think it’s “funny,” but I don’t really see what’s so funny about it. It’s just a useful cooking tool developed by some of the world’s greatest chefs, inspired by their lifelong love of wonderful food. CHECK PLEASE! (Via Dlisted.)