How To: Microwave Your Food

Some of us don’t have microwaves because our kitchens are too small. Very true story, very sad story, very cold everything all the time. But for those of us who do have microwaves: Have I got a video for YOU. Do you ever put something in the microwave and set it for what you think is an appropriate amount of time, and then the microwave dings and it’s not as hot as you would’ve liked it? So you have to put it back in again? And your life is RUINED? Well, maybe it would’ve been hotter if you put it in a different place! Which place, you ask? Well, spoiler alert, not the middle! Spoiler alert again, anywhere but right in the middle!

“Ooohhhhhhhhhh.” I didn’t listen to anything he said, to be honest. I was just waiting to hear where I’m supposed to put things in the microwave. Something about beams? Carousels? Math? Did they talk about math? (Via ViralViralVideos.)