The 2011 Tony Awards

Did you watch the Tony Awards last night? I did not. “I was watching the basketball finals and that’s why I didn’t watch it, go Marvs!” – Me, unfortunately. “That Dirg Newatsy is way tall and I don’t get why he talks so weird, what score is it?” Anyway, apparently it was a VERY good Tony Awards. The Book of Mormon won everything, Danielle Radcliffe was there, Neil Patrick Harris was a well-liked host. Not that I would have really had any stake in the Tony Awards had I watched it. Because I haven’t seen anything that was nominated for anything. Probably like most people haven’t? The Tony Awards is a very limiting awards show. But I do really WANT to see Book of Mormon. Have you seen it? Did you see anything that was nominated? Did you watch this even if you hadn’t seen anything? Why? For the musical numbers? That would make sense, if you liked that!

In any case, full list of winners here, and some clips after the jump. Also a photo gallery featuring lots of people we like!

Book of Mormon: “I Believe”

CELEB-PACKED Opening: “Not Just For Gays Anymore”

Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman Host-Off

Neil Patrick Harris Wrap-Up Rap