This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

There weren’t any HUGE movie trailers out this week, but there is a new Nicholas Sparks movie that looks predictably terrrrrrrrrrrrible, and also some kind of weird So I Married an Axe Murderer meets Lottery Ticket starring Chet Hanks’s brother Colin. But the most exciting trailer of the week is probably the one for Tabloid, the new documentary from Errol Morris. Errol Morris! Watch them all after the jump:


What is this? Does anyone know what this is? He wins the lottery but he’s a murderer but he’s a murderer BECAUSE he wins the lottery or he won the lottery BECAUSE he’s a murderer? Usually I dislike the contemporary trend of giving too much away in the trailer but maybe this one could have given a little something more away because huh?

The Vow

Oh BARFFFFFF. I would have liked to have heard Nicholas Sparks in the pitch meeting for this. “It’s like 50 First Dates, but worse.” (CORRECTION:I have been informed that Nicholas Sparks is not actually affiliated with this movie in any way, although I still think he is affiliated with this movie in EVERY way.) I sure hope Channing Tatum can make Rachel McAdams fall in love with him again just kidding who cares! SEXTing people with pancakes. Get out of here!


Yay! Errol Morris! Yay!

The Guard

Lock stock and two sexy full Monty Elliott beasts. Just kidding. This looks like it could be good? Powerful observation. It does, though, look like it could be good? So.