Give Us A Smile C’Moonnnnn

Have you ever had a stranger come up to you on the street and tell you to smile? I feel like strangers do that A LOT. Why is it such a thing that strangers do? Nobody walks around smiling to themselves. And nobody has a better day because someone told them to smile on the street when they were just trying to get wherever they were going, OFF the street. “I was a little down until a weird person told me to smile, now I’m very happy.” Leave me alone! Everyone leave everyone else alone! No talking allowed. We all have headphones on.

With that said, though, when you watch this video you should imagine that I am the owner of the dog and you are the dog and I am repeatedly telling you to smile, because FRIDAAAYYYYYY!!!:

Awww, horrible voice! That’s me! That’s me talking to you. (Via Arbroath.)