Draw Something: Ed Helms’ The Hangover Part II Tattoo

By now I’m sure you all know that due to a lawsuit from tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill, Warner Bros. may have to digitally replace Ed Helms Mike Tyson tattoo with a different tattoo for the DVD release of The Hangover Part II. We all got the AP Alert about that and it’s all anyone has been talking about. That sounds like a lot of work! That would be such an annoying job to have, digitally replacing that. But you know what wouldn’t be an annoying job to have? Creating the tattoo that they replace it with! So today we are all Ed Helms’ tattoo artists and it is our job to create Ed Helms’ new The Hangover Part II tattoo and to post it in the comments of this post. Congratulations on our new job!

After the jump is an expertly (you can hire me to edit ANY of your photos) Photoshopped* screencap of Ed Helms without his illegal tattoo. Oh no he looks so naked! Let’s give him a legal one!

And here is mine:

I hope I didn’t steal your idea!

*And by “Photoshopped” I mean I used this free online thing, because I don’t have Photoshop right now. You can use it too if you want! But what I would suggest is uploading the photo into the thing with a link and then when you’re done, taking a screencap. Rather than downloading your finished image from the site. That works better. Sorry about the TECH TALK.