Bicyclist Gets A Ticket, Makes A Silly Video

Riding a bike in the city can be very challenging. And by challenging I mean terrifying! There are so many ways you can get hurt! Car doors, cabs, pedestrians, buses, etc.! This is why the issue of police “cracking down” on bicyclists seems like a difficult one to me. You hear a lot of stories about cops giving unwarrented tickets and, you know, that sucks. Obviously. And shouldn’t happen. But also all the time you see bike-riders breaking lots of actual traffic laws, putting themselves in danger, and almost running you over. And that sucks too. And they should get tickets sometimes! Controversial opinion, I KNOW. But I’ve definitely been almost run over by a person on a bike lots more times than I’ve been almost run over by a person in a car. So take it easy sometimes, bicyclists. And take out your earbuds. And put your hands on the handlebars please, you’re giving me a heart attack.

That isn’t to say that cops aren’t in the wrong in lots of these cases. And CERTAINLY isn’t to say that car-drivers aren’t in the wrong in lots of cases. And not that this is Lawgum. But just, you know. If you broke a traffic law and you got a ticket, pay the ticket? And don’t be upset just because you aren’t in a car? And put your hands on the handlebars please? Let’s all just be reasonable. Also let’s watch this video together and then talk about it:

First of all, “I’m doing the world a favor riding my bike.” UGGGHH. Hahah. Ugh. Can I give you a ticket? But seriously folks, a problem I have with this video is that it isn’t against the law to ride your bike not in a bike lane if the bike lane is blocked, but he never goes into whether or not the bike lane was blocked here? While “sometimes the bike lane isn’t the safest place to be” is true, it doesn’t really seem like it validates anything in this case. Sometimes there are laws! I’m sorry about laws. I didn’t make the laws.

A problem I DON’T have with this video is how funny it is to watch people run into things and then fall over. Hahahah! Classic. Put on a helmet though, you’re giving me a heart attack. (Via Reddit.)