Gossip Girl Debate: Who Is Gossip Girl’s Lead Actor?

Remember when Gabe used to recap Gossip Girl? That was the best! I’m upset that he stopped because I, who started watching BECAUSE of the recaps, was forced to continue watching Gossip Girl because of how I realized that it is Television’s Best Show. OMG it is so good. Did you guys see the finale? !!! Chuck! Let’s not get into it. What we’re talking about right now is how Nate has submitted himself for the “Lead Actor in a Drama” Emmy category. Classic Nate! Just kidding, that’s not really classic Nate. Classic Nate would be to give a mostly blank but vaguely disapproving look and then call Dan and uncharacteristicly suggest playing videogames. That guy does not care about videogames! And more to the point, that guy is not a lead actor in Gossip Girl! It’s as if Joey submitted himself as lead actor in Friends. Chandler and Ross maybe, but Joey? Definitely not Joey. But this brings up an important and pressing question that ALL the blogs will certainly be asking today: Who IS Gossip Girl’s lead actor? 

Is it Dan?

Is it Dan’s dad?

Is it

Is it Wallace Shawn?

Is it a champagne flute?

Is it Chuck? (Yes.)

Is it Carter Baizen?

Is it Sonic Youth?

Is it the prince nobody cares about who Blair is engaged to?

Is it Gilt Groupe?

Is it Jack Bass?

Is it Vitamin Water?

Is it Eric?

Is it Jay McInerney?

Is it William Baldwin?

Or is it cellphones?

Important questions and decisions!