More Like Snore Buyout

I’m unfortunately not a person who knows a lot about art. I like it? I like to look at it and I understand that it is important and I read An Object of Beauty*, but generally I don’t care to know a lot about it because that’s just who I am, please get off my back. “I don’t know art, and I also don’t know what I like because I know so little about it that I couldn’t even guess.” So it’s very possible that this video of these people (these artists) buying out a convenience store in NYC is art. And it’s possible that “repurposing” the items they bought by placing them in glass boxes is art. And it’s possible that selling these items for hundreds of dollars in their online store is art. Anything is possible, especially when it comes to the confusing world of art and the confusing world of people who maybe think they are younger than they are in New York City.

Maybe the art is that I dislike them all so much even though I don’t even know them and they made the old guy happy, which is nice? (But now he has to, like, restock EVERYTHING? Ugh, what a pain.) If that is supposed to be the art then congratulations on your art, you are all the next Andy Storehols. (Via TheDailyWhat)

*I didn’t like it very much though. I’m sorry, Steve Martin!