Facebook Friend Tattoo And Tattoos In General

Tattoos seem absolutely insane to me. How a person can ever decide on an image they want to see on their body for the rest of their life is an idea that I will never be able to grasp. Which is, I guess, one of the two feelings you can have about tattoos. I can barely commit to buying clothes that I like. And then when I do buy clothes that I like, I almost always realize that I don’t actually like them and that I just didn’t want to go home empty-handed because I had been shopping all day. And then I wear them and feel terrible. Is that what tattoos are like for everybody? More importantly, is that what clothes are like for everybody? Is this what life is like for anybody?

A cool thing, I think, and this is a thing that would make the world a completely better place, would be tattoos that last for three years or so. So you get a tattoo when you’re a handsome young man and then when you are an older, still very handsome I’m sure, just older, man, your stupid tattoo goes away. I’m sure other people have thought of this, what I’m not sure of is why other people have not INVENTED it. It’s 2011!

In any case, even if it were just a three-year tattoo, I would still not suggest getting a tattoo of 152 of your Facebook friends, because why would you ever.

To be honest, though, it doesn’t look that bad. I mean, it’s terrible. That’s a fact. It’s a Facebook-inspired tattoo that this person will have forever. But at least it’s symmetrical and the colors are nice! Do you have a tattoo? What is it? Why do you have it? Do you regret it? Did it hurt a lot? What happens when you get a sunburn? Please tell me. (Via SayOMG.)