Crazy Hula Hoop POV Video I Barely Understand

When I had a (very important) office job (selling concert tickets) (over the phone) (in a room with no windows), I would always appreciate when there were videos on Videogum that you didn’t need to put your headphones over your (very important) headset to enjoy. Here is a video like that! A guy attached a camera to a hula hoop and the results are very confusing and disorienting and embarrassing, kind of. Is anyone else embarrassed? Or sick? Is everyone sick? Because maybe it will make you feel sick. But ALSO, why haven’t I seen a video like this before? This seems like an idea every student in every film school would have had every day of every term. Maybe it’s hard to rig a camera like this and you have to be a genius? I’m not a camera genius, but I’m sure that that is definitely not the answer. Just, you know, tape it on. Movie secrets. This stupid thing should be in every student film. You’re welcome, students. Here’s another example:

And in slow motion:

Beautiful and nauseating. [Via UniqueDaily.]