Heaven Just Got A Little More Andrew Gold

It is being reported that musician Andrew Gold has died. From People:

Andrew Gold, the singer-songwriter best known for 1977’s “Lonely Boy” single, died Friday in his sleep from a heart attack. He was 59.

That song was heard in films such as Boogie Nights and Water Boy. Another song, “Thank You for Being a Friend,” was heard on TV each week for almost a decade as the theme song for The Golden Girls.

Just to clarify, and I’m not trying to muddy the waters on a sad occasion, but can we agree that Andrew Gold was best known for the theme song for The Golden Girls? If there is “another song” that deserves mention here, it is “Lonely Boy,” not vice versa. A small point, I’m sure, but a man is dead, the least we can do is preserve his memory correctly.

R.I.P. Andrew Gold. You are in heaven now, writing heartfelt and impossibly catchy theme songs with the angels.