The Anthony Weiner SEXTing Press Conference Open Thread

We haven’t been covering the Anthony Weiner SEXTing story because it all seemed kind of a mess and also very annoying, but we have posted Anthony Weiner’s congressional speeches in the past, because he was always so clever and funny and well-spoken, and he also seemed to have a really strong moral compass (eek!) that guided him on the correct path through politically thorny issues. But it’s also obvious that if, well, basically anybody in the public eye Tweeted a picture of their dick and then lied about being HACKED and then had to have a press conference where they apologized about the whole thing, we would post that press conference because LOLOL and GOOD GRIEF (File Under: Porno Switcheroo), so let’s be honest with ourselves here, NO SPECIAL FAVORS FOR PRO-GAY RIGHTS CREEPS, and besides, sometimes you have to kill your heroes. It is unfortunate, though. He seemed to be fighting the good fight. Oh well. Goodbye, Anthony Weiner, probably!