What Should Katie Couric’s New Talk Show Be Called?

Remember when Katie Couric left the Today Show to take over the Nightly News desk as America’s first primetime female news anchor and everyone was like, “This is ridiculous! What’s next, a female version of The Hangover written by Kirsten Wiig?!” Well, our great social experiment has ended, and I am not sure whether or not we won or lost, but I am sure that Katie Couric is getting a new daytime talk show. From the AP:

NEW YORK (AP) — Katie Couric has worked morning TV, the evening news and will now enter the world of daytime talk in the post-Oprah Winfrey era.

ABC announced Monday a multiyear-deal with Couric to produce the talk show, set to bow in September 2012. She will work for ABC News in the interim.

YOU GET A SHOW! AND YOU GET A SHOW! AND YOU GET A SHOW! That was my Oprah impression, did you get it? R.I.P. Oprah. You are in heaven now, trying to convince the angels about the nature of your relationship with Gayle. Anyway, Katie Couric’s new show! Just what America needs, another daytime talk show! Ellen and Rachael Ray and the ladies of The View and Martha Stewart and Wendy Williams have all signed a joint statement that just says: “FINALLY!” But what should the show be called? I was thinking it should be called Katie Couric Presents Her Legs* but that might be too UPSCALE.

*JK JK JK. But also, before you get too upset about Katie Couric not being taken seriously, let’s remember that she is the one leaving the Nightly News to do a daytime talkshow, and that before she hosted the Nightly News she built her career on doing pre-morning segments on the best way to wash barbecue sauce stains out of your baby’s capri pants, SO.