Now You, Too, Can Finally Smell Like Jared Leto

Apparently, Jared Leto is the new spokesman for Hugo Boss cologne, which is called Just Different, which is a really dumb name, EVEN FOR A COLOGNE! Why don’t they give colognes more appropriate, masculine names, like “Sam”? I bet Sam smells disgusting, that is why. Like saran wrap that’s been around a sandwich. Who wouldn’t want to smell like Jared Leto? He was on that TV show 140,00 years ago! He wears eyeliner and is in a band I am convinced not a single human being on the planet actually LIKES but he made some kind of deal with Al Pacino In Devil’s Advocate Records, or whatever. Hot stuff! (Seriously does anyone in the whole world like Jared Leto’s stupid band? SHOW YOURSELF!) I feel like even 12 year olds hear Jared Leto’s awful music and are like, “I’m 12, not DEAF.” Anyway, he’s not your man but he’s the man your man could smell like, etc.

Jared Leto Hugo Boss cologne ad (for Just Different, LOL) after the jump:

Ladies. Just kidding, ladies. (Via ONTD.)