Operation Watch This: Out Of Sight

Guys, after all of the nightmares and the debates over what is the what, it is Friday after all, and we deserve a wonderful treat, don’t we? Treat! Treat! Wonderful treat! After the jump, I have posted a short animated film called Out of Sight by Ya-ting Yu, Yeh Ya-hsuan, and Chung Ling from the National Taiwan University of Arts. (Not to be confused with the short animated film Out of Sight by Steven Soderbergh starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez, which is also actually really good and way better than an action-comedy-thriller needs to be and I would like to rewatch it again because it has been a long time.) It is very cute! It is kind of like a Hayao Miyazaki movie, and those movies are great. (Although to be honest, I didn’t love Ponyo. The ending was too facile!) Just to stave off any garbage comments at the pass, yes, this was uploaded to the Internet in 2010, and yes, it already has well over a million views, and if those are your qualifications for whether or not something is worth (not worth) watching or talking about, then I suggest you find another website, my friend. Or at least hush. The world can’t all be iPad 2’s and Latest Bloopers. Sometimes it takes time for the good stuff to get to us. Doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

See? Good. We earned it! (Via TheUniblog.)