Who Should Replace Joe Rogan On The New Fear Factor?

I have great news, everybody! NBC is bringing back one of your old, canceled-too-soon favorites. No, not Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Yeah I agree that they should give that one another shot, though it did end nicely enough. Not Freaks and Geeks either, be quiet about Freaks and Geeks. No, not Firefly. Please stop guessing. Firefly was not even on NBC. It’s your favorite one I don’t know why you didn’t guess it already: Fear Factor! From Deadline:

Now, under new boss Bob Greenblatt, the network is going further back in the past to bring back to life one of NBC’s first reality hits: Fear Factor. The network has ordered a new season of the series, with Endemol USA back as producer and Matt Kunitz and David Hurwitz as executive producers. It is unclear if Joe Rogan will return as host.

Six more seasons! Six more seasons! This is very exciting news of course, but it begs the question: If not Joe Rogan, whom? He was so good at it. “I’m Joe Rogan, eat these bugs!” It’s certainly a tough call, but we are very smart about TV and we have lots of very good suggestions: 
Justin Timberlake
Singer, actor, handsome comedianne, there’s is nothing Justin Timberlake cannot do. Remember that rumor about how he was maybe going to join the cast of SNL for a season? That was stupid! This is better than that.

I wanted a picture of a robot with sunglasses and this is the closest thing I could find. Here is a video of it dancing. A robot with sunglasses would be a very good host but it’s possible that a dancing hexapod robot with sunglasses and a hat (curiously omitted from the 2010 Hexapod Dance Off) would be an even better host.

Chelsea Handler
If there is one thing we all need more of in our lives it is Chelsea Handler. Are you there vodka it’s me Kelly and I just want this one thing!

Thumbs Up for Rock ‘n’ Roll Boy
An inspiration to us all. Though, because everybody would be eating all of the feces that they have to eat or whatever and they would all get their million dollars, it might take some of the dramatic tension away from the show. And I guess that might be why people watch Fear Factor. “Will they or won’t they eat all the feces?” They will! He knows they can do it. And then you’re just watching people eat feces. I’m sorry for saying that!

Chandler Bing
Could you BE eating any more bugs?

Cast of Under the Umbrella Tree
Iggy would be like, “Do the stunts, c’mon!” And Gloria would be like, “I don’t know, Iggy, that seems kind of dangerous.” And Jacob would be like, “Oh I don’t know it seems fine to me!” And Holly would be like, “Bedtime, guys!” And then everyone would have to go to bed.

Vincent Gallo
This suggestion is so good I can hardly contain myself. “Hey everybody, welcome to Fear Factor” said with a Vincent Gallo impression. Hahah! That is very good. Let’s move on.

This seems obvious enough? I kind of feel silly pointing this one out, actually. I hope we’re not stepping on any toes in the Joe Rogan replacement department at NBC. They can take the credit. We just want what’s right for Fear Factor.

So that’s pretty much it, I guess? Please let us know if we overlooked anyone but I definitely cannot think of anyone else. (Thanks for the tip, Scott.)