Thank God It’s Fnightmares

You may remember Wendy’s cat, GarF6ield? Well, behind every hilarious CGI cat there is a terrifying CGI woman. Meet her! She is kind of NSFW, meet her!

OH DEAR GOD! At least the video is the right length. Imagine, if it had only been three minutes and 20 seconds long, we never would have gotten to see another full minute of CGI Wendy frolicking on a beach that is literally FILTHY with orcas. That is seriously too many orcas. I don’t know what beach that is, but I’m sure it’s just a digital rendering of a real beach, and someone needs to do some orca clean up ASAP. It just seems dangerous and unhealthy! Get out there, Brownie. (Reference to Michael D. Brown, head of FEMA during Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Cool References over here. 2011.) Good, now that that is taken care of, let’s all go back to sleep and just wait for this week of nightmares to end. Just kidding. NO SLEEPING! The micronaps are what kill you. NO MICRONAPS! (Thanks for the tip, Chris Trash.)