When Are You Going To Teach Me How To Drift

I was just wondering when it was going to be. Is it now? Will you teach me how to drift now? I’ve been very patient. Fast Five has been number one at the box office for weeks and it is definitely not going anywhere. It’s showing no signs of stopping. Soon enough everyone will know how to drift and you still haven’t taught me. Children can drift. They have tiny bodies and tiny cars and you’ll probably say that it is not the same thing, but it certainly looks exactly the same to me. They look very cool and very relaxed even though they are pulling off major drifts. And I just have to watch them because I no idea how to do it, even though I know that I could do it if someone would just teach it to me. Can you imagine how frustrating that is? Being so painfully aware of your own potential? Having it kept only slightly out of reach at all times? CAN YOU PLEASE JUST TEACH ME HOW TO DRIFT?

And scene. (Via Reddit.)