Design The Skyline Is YOUR Generation’s Brokencyde

My grandfather on my mother’s side fought in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II and he still hates to talk about it. You find this kind of thing with a lot of veterans. The trauma of war, at least it seems to me, is both difficult to accept, and impossible to translate. And in some ways what is the point of trying to translate it? If other people can’t truly understand, which they can’t, then what, ultimately does trying to make them understand do? It doesn’t stop wars. It certainly doesn’t keep young men from joining the military and going off to fight. Mostly it just brings up painful memories and salts an unhealed wound (that will never heal). Now, I have been fortunate to have been spared the nightmare of fighting in a war, and I would never dare compare anything about my experience to the sacrifice and service of my grandfather* or anyone else who has served in the armed forces, but when this devastating War of the Terrible Music ends, no matter who wins, I will never speak of it. My holograndkids will gather around my wifi-enabled rocking chair out on the hoverporch and ask me to tell them stories of what it was like when the people confronted nightmare-electro-screamo-funk and I will stare out into the endless expanse of water, my cataract-riddled eyes clouding over, and I will say nothing. They will, as we all are, be forced to make their own choices in this frightening world.

Terrible Design the Skyline music video after the jump!

Nope. Unacceptable. With bands like this WHO NEEDS A ROBOT UPRISING?! (Thanks for the tip, Darren.)

*I’m sorry for this whole post, grandpa!