Well, This Sasha Grey “Short Film” Is Terrible

No offense to Sasha Grey, obviously. Huge fan! But she is the subject of another “short film” by Richard Phillips who made that thing with Lindsay Lohan last week that I think was an advertisement for infinity pools? Like, I’m not sure that it was art, but I definitely would buy one of those infinity pools now if I was in the market. What is it with this guy, though? He is a painter? What does he paint? Pictures of sad clowns playing high stakes poker with purebred dogs? (Just kidding, that would kind of be fun?) Here is what he has to say about it (from W Magazine):

I think that there is a kind of a gravitas in a way. In the adult performance film, rarely do you see that side of Sasha. Or even in the way Soderbergh portrayed her, there were hints of that, but what we wanted to do was not have this film have any relationship to the adult world. We wanted to look at the dramatic potential of her and her acting as an autonomous experience. One that in a way surveys her circumstances but then projects much more. Has a more psychological portent in looking at the psychological consequences, or at least psychologically of what has come before.

Oh sure. Wait until you see this “short film,” you guys, those will be your words exactly, I bet:

This one IS a little better than the Lindsay Lohan one but the question remains: WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BUY?! I DON’T THINK I CAN AFFORD THIS STUFF, BUT I WILL TRY, I WANT TO BE A FANCY PANTS SO I FORGET ABOUT MY EXISTENTIAL SADNESS! (Thanks for the tip, Patrick.)