Terrible Outbreak Of Horse Herpes Results In Wonderful Outbreak Of Hilarious Laffs

Oh no! There has been a terrible outbreak of horse herpes in Utah! Horse herpes! Ahhhhhh! Come on, horses. Wear a horse condom! Obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with the horses’ genitals during this difficult time. But also, this devastating news has been met with devastating laffs when a recent beauty pageant (or something? I don’t actually understand what is going on here) was forced to use STICK HORSES instead of real horses. Oh man. And the crown for Prettiest Laffs goes to this story. Local news video after the jump:

“If you have a problem with things like this later in life, you already have experience riding a stick horse.” WORDS TO LOLOLIVE BY! (Via KSL. Thanks for the tip, Gideon.)