George Takei Calls Anti-Gay Schoolboard Member A Gay Douchebag

In a video for the Trevor Project, an organization aimed to stop LGBT youth suicide, George Takei responds to outspokenly anti-gay, now-resigned, Arkansas schoolboard member Clint McCance. And it is the best! It certainly helps that George Takei is already the best. And it also certainly helps that Clint “I Enjoy The Fact That They Often Give Each Other AIDS And Die” McCance is clearly the worst. Something does feel a little off to me, though, when the response to homophobic people is to call them gay. Since the way that it would effect them would be to insult them and, you know, that’s a little weird? “You hate Jewish people? Well guess what, YOU’RE a Jew. Ha-ha.” (Perfect example.) And the ha-ha was like Nelson from the Simpsons. But really I feel like this only because I am VERY liberal and also INCREDIBLY annoying. Oh my god so annoying. And anyway it is definitely true that probably in a fair amount of cases they are self-hating gay people and (in any case) it feels very good to call them that. It’s hard to be very liberal and also incredibly annoying! Watch this video:

Lolololololol. (Via reddit.)