I Don’t Know How She Does It Trailer, You Guys

Sex and the City VII: Carrie Goes To Mom Jail trailer, you guys. That might be unfair, actually. Just because Carrie had a great (long, I mean) run in a successful TV show and movie franchise doesn’t mean that she has to be defined by that character for the rest of her career. LOL, JK. It pretty much does. Because of her sharp face, I guess? Even if she didn’t just keep playing variations of that same character, which she will never stop doing, she will only be Carrie. “Carrie Bradshaw IS Legolas,” is what people would say if she were cast as Legoas. “Carrie Bradshaw IS Jason Bourne.” Life could be worse. But anyway, this movie. One the one hand it has Seth Meyers, cute, but on the other hand it has VANESSA, gross. And on all the other hands it just looks like every movie about how a woman JUST CAN’T BALANCE her career and her family OR CAN SHE? But Joan Holloway and Kim Kelly are also in it. So I guess what I’m saying is, congratulations Seth Meyers. You have a real name! (Via Vulture)