We Should All Be So Lucky As To Find Something In This World That Makes Us Happy: Freestyle Canoeing To “Lady In Red”

It’s hard out here for a shrimp, you guys. And it’s not getting any easier. Yesterday I made a joke about the comical impotence of running down the street in flopping boat shoes to confront your wife about cheating on you, but let me tell you what: when it’s time to go confront your wife about cheating on you and all you have are boat shoes, YOU DON’T WALK! Everyone, in the end, is just doing their best to get through the day, even George Clooney. EVEN GEORGE CLOONEY. (It just happens that when George Clooney does his best to get through the day, the rest of us pay $12 to see it.) So, if someone has found something that makes the long, cold trudge through the gray ash wastes a little more tolerable before we carry the light all the way to heaven, well you can hardly begrudge them that.

For example, Marc Ornstein has prepared a graceful “freestyle canoeing” routine (which apparently is a thing?) to the Chris De Burgh song, “Lady in Red.” Fair enough, my man!

We are all going to die one day.