Oprah Already Setting About Ruining People’s Lives

Yesterday, Oprah ended her 25-year-old daily talk show. She must be getting bored of civilian life, because today she is already getting up in other people’s business. From an official press release:

Oprah Winfrey Network announced today it has picked up eight episodes of the new wedding series “Don’t Tell the Bride” based on the hit U.K. show of the same name.

The series gives eight cash-strapped couples a budget to create the wedding of their dreams. But here’s the catch – the bride and groom can’t see each other for the month leading up to the nuptials, and the groom has to plan the whole wedding in secret with the help of his best man and the bride knows nothing of the events!

The bride will see the invitations right when they come in the mail; she’ll try on the dress hours before she wears it down the aisle; and she’ll view the reception venue and meal when she arrives with the rest of her guests.

Does this sound like a nightmare? Or is this a chance for the groom to impress his bride? When it comes to a wedding, there’s always drama, and “Don’t Tell the Bride” promises tantrums – and a few unexpected tears of joy before “the big day” is done.

Coooooool shooooow. 25 more years, I’m sure! Admittedly, it’s no BRIDALPLASTY, also known as THE END OF CIVILIZATION, but I can’t be the only one who finds the basic premise of convincing a young couple to build the foundation of their new lives as married people on a FOUNDATION OF LIES?! To be fair (to Oprah?) any couple that agrees to be on any wedding-based reality TV show kind of gets what they deserve. Which is true love and happiness with their soul mate for ever and ever I bet! Best wishes to all those lucky ducks.