That’s Your Marriage Proposal: World Of Warcraft Marriage Proposal

For a while it seemed like it would never happen for you. There were men in your life, sure — there was always somebody. But did you ever connect in a significant way with any of them? Did you ever really feel that special something, that something that up until now you only had to believe existed, lacking both proof and reason? You would be lying if you said there weren’t times in your life when you resigned to the feeling that, yes, maybe this is all that “love” is. Having someone you looked forward to putting on your headset and talking to throughout the night, but not quite in the way all those old songs on the radio made it seem like you would. That was your lot in life and you were ok with it, sure. But there was something inside of you that still believed in something more. Something that prodded you to keep looking. Something that told you — begged you — not to settle. And then you found him. Your “him.” The role he’ll be playing in all of your stories until you grow old, you hoped. It almost felt like you were living someone else’s life. Was this really happening to you? You?

And then he proposed to you while you were playing World of Warcraft and you said yes and then continued to play World of Warcraft.

(Thanks for the tip, Werttrew.)