You Only Look Dumber: Horrible Aging Makeup

The Onion’s AV Club Inventory has a new video up today talking about and giving examples of movies in which the characters aged and their makeup did a terrible, over-the-top job of representing it. Which is great. There are lots of examples of this! I have a maybe controversial opinion about what I think is an example of this that I have never seen discussed online before, and I have KIND OF looked, and that is: you know the movie Blue Valentine? Well. If you don’t, which you do, it has Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling in it and switches back and forth between the time when they were dating and falling in love and the time when they were married and falling out of love. And these are only a few years apart. Like, when they’re dating Michelle Williams is pregnant and when they’re falling out of love her daughter is still very young, maybe 5ish. And their ages are like 22 and then 27, say. I don’t know if that’s true but I think that’s about right. But look at Ryan Gossling when they were dating. And then look at him when they were falling out of love. A BIT MUCH. I mean I’m sure there are a lot of reasons you could give for why it is a bit much. All of which would be bologna, but. And maybe a person could age that much in a few years, I guess. But still. A bit much. I like that movie though. Anyway, what are we talking about? Oh yeah, the AV Club Inventory video:

A lot of neat makeup ideas for the next time you go to a fancy party, ladies!