Best New Party Game 54: #PalinFilmNames

In honor of today’s news that there would be a major motion picture made about Sarah Palin, Twitter responded in classic Twitter-style with a hashtag game called #PalinFilmNames. (Via @annaholmes.) That is SO like Twitter?! And just in time for a holiday weekend. Are you guys going to any Memorial Day parties? Is that even a type of party? Like, a theme for a party? What kind of costume will you wear? Uncle Same beard, of course, but what else?! Well, once you’ve got your outfit picked out and you get to the party, stand under the mistletoe (am I doing this right?) and suggest everyone participate in a mildly-political, pun-based word game from the Internet! What fun. Like so:

  • Jingoism All The Way
  • When Hate-y Met Stupid
  • The Jerk
  • Everyone Says I Hate Her
  • The Suckfest Club

These are good entries. I probably won. Did I win? See you at the picnic, bring my prize!