Videogum Everywhere Mission: Let’s Name The Kardashians’ New Book

If I tried to tell you that one of the Kardashian sisters from the hit show The Kardashian Sisters had written a novel you wouldn’t believe me. You’d say, “Oh come on, I don’t believe you.” They ARE pretty stupid. But so what if I told you that all three of them combined their brains into one small, tiny, ghostwriter brain and wrote a novel together? Still don’t believe me? That is fair. It’s a ridiculous idea. And yet, here we are. There is even a brief description of this “book.”

This fictional page turner takes readers inside the lives of three gorgeous celebrity sisters, their complicated relationships with Hollywood, each other, and the glamorous lives they lead in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. It will be up to readers to figure out which parts of the novel are based on truth and which are purely imagined….

Hahhaha. Uh. Hahahhahaha! What a great book. WHERE DO THEY GET THEIR IDEAS?! Of course, because it takes three of them to write a book, you’d need a fourth one to come up with a title. That’s where we come in! There is a contest to name it, so let’s win that contest! We’re smart! (Not actually sure if that is a plus in this situation.) The rules are here (via Gawker). It does involve following the publisher on Twitter and Tweeting your suggestions at them, so please use the hashtag #videogumeverywhere just so they know we don’t want any trouble. Not us, man. We just want our agents to come home safe. Or even better, stay home in the first place.