Teen Korner: Justin Bieber’s Perfume Commercial OZMZGZ!

Ding ding dong ring-a-ding ding ding dong, keep your pogs ringing!

Wusssuuuuup pointers?! It’s cool beans to run with the IN crowd, but before you can be cool to other peeps you’ve got 2 b cool 2 yourself. Don’t do drugs. Playstation 3. To look good on the outside you’ve got to feel good on the inside. Earth Science. You also have to keep your body clean.

Once you feel cool on the inside (just remember, you are a special snowflake and your mom loves you very much) you can start to be very cool on the outside. With perfume. Perfume smells great, and it’s a great way to pretend you’re a real grown up lady with shoes. Maybe you are thinking, “Hey grandpa, I’m not putting no toilet water on my face like some old corpse.” Well what if it was JUSTIN BIEBER TOILET WATER? Now do I have your attention? Snap into a slim bottle of Someday!

If you ARE going to have sex with an imaginary Justin Bieber angel who came from your closet to whisk you into the satin-CGI clouds with the power of flight, use LOTS of protection and be married. (Via Dlisted.)