This Is Your Summer: Movie Posters

In the summertime, there’s nothing quite like getting together with a group of your friends, loading up your hitchback with towels and swimsuits and burgers and charcoal and beer and umbrellas and folding chairs and sunscreen, and heading to your local movie theater to see a big-budget movie. Classic. And this summer (every summer?) there’s a big-budget movie coming out basically every day. Lucky us! And almost all of them look not that great. Hollywood — how DO they do it?

To make your moving-knowing-about and movie-scheduling a little easier this summer, we’ve put together a gallery of lots of movie posters and release dates and very short comments. “Oh my god, thank you.” No problem. So get your planners and meet me back here because you are going to have a LOT of planning to do. Lots of movies to write in your planners with pen because there is no way you’re not going to see them all right on the day they all come out.