Duh Aficionado Magazine: Katherine Chloe Cahoon Lives A Glamorous Hollywood Life

She’s back! And as smart and sophisticated as ever!

What is she talking about, ever? And why does she talk like she’s sounding out the words from an English Language cassette for dyslexic creatures from outer-space? “My friend sent me a textareyouabigdeal?” Normal. The only person better at acting than Katherine Chloe Cahoon is the woman who played the Hollywood Secretary. “You must be the new Hollywood employee here are your work documents and your 401k your office is upstairs congratulations on your retirement here is a watch.” I guess one of us is just going to have to marry her to get to the bottom of it. Whoever the lucky guy is, I hope you aren’t not not on a diet (?) and that you like (making ads for) cupcakes! (Thanks for the tip, Gideon.)