This Is Just A Very Flattering Photo Of Mischa Barton

As a rule, it’s not very cool to just make ad hominem attacks about how people look when they are out and about. Imagine if someone took a picture of you while you were carrying a Bill Bryson book upside down on your way to the vagina cleaners and then posted it to the Internet without asking?! But for some reason Mischa Barton feels like (very) fair game since she clearly considers herself a bit of a Fashion Plate. Also, is it just me, or does Mischa Barton seem genetically predisposed to being an asshole. Like, sure, famous people are often assholes but that’s usually as the result of too much money and an inhuman level of attention that breaks their brains. I think if Mischa Barton wasn’t famous (well, some might argue that she ISN’T famous, but she was at one point, right? So before all that) she would still be an asshole, and SHE would be the one at home making ad hominem attacks about people on HER blog. So, obviously, with airtight logic based on epistemological fact like that, we can agree that fair is just fair. The point is: hahaha she looks silly! And the upside down book really just makes it. You’re holding the book the wrong way, Mischa Barton, and also your face! Is it just me, or would she be PURRFECT in the role of Kirstie Alley in RUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN: The Kirstie Alley Story (this summer on Reelz)? That’s not a comment about her weight, it’s a comment about how she kind of looks like Kirstie Alley. You said weight. (Via The Superficial. Clip through to enlarge.)