Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Season Finales

Well, I guess this is goodbye to all our old pals. (As you know, 30 Rock season finale was actually two weeks ago. And Community’s was last week. Drips and drabs, dribs and drabs.) It was great sitting next to them in science class! Have a great summer, K.I.T. Please come back soon it is already so lonnnnnelyyyyyyy! Anyway, The Office finale was good? The Office finale was good. If for nothing else (although for plenty of things else!) a cameo by Warren Buffet is incredible. Meanwhile, I was not that into all of this back-loading of Parks and Recreation episodes! Four episodes in two weeks? That’s too many! Sure, they were great, but I like to have them doled out one at a time so I can SAVOR THEM like a FINE SOMETHING THAT IS FINE! Nevertheless, that show was so good this year. Just one of the best shows. It will be missed. For months. Until it is back. Yay!

Enjoy this Open Thread, you guys. It’s the last one for awhile. Unless you want to talk about the best spills on Wipe Out each week for the rest of our lives.