An Important Message To Sophomores About Prom

Obviously (OBVIOUSLY), because this video is about prom and because this video is for sophomore bitches, it contains some NSFW language, so headphones up, or WHATEVERRRR:

I think the most important thing about this message is that it is the right length. She just gets right to the six minute point. Just kidding, bitches, this video is too long! If I was her teacher in Video Messages To Sophomores Class I would give it a B, but I’m sure with some hard work she could get her grades up by the end of the semester. “Show your work. Your mean work.” She is so mean! Then again, to be fair, it does sound like the sophomores ruined prom. They didn’t post their dresses on the dresses website and then they were standing in front of the speakers on the contemporary music floor of the three-level Prom Boat?! They cut the food line and got chicken fingers before everybody else? Sluts!

Now take this video to your grave and show it to your children. (Thanks for the tip, Werttrew.)