That’s Your Boyfriend: Sean Penn

Remember back in September when the first images leaked of Sean Penn in Robert Smith goth-drag makeup leaked from the set of some movie called This Must Be The Place in which he played an aging rockstar NAZI HUNTER?! You remember. Go remember. Obviously, that was hilarious. We all had a lot of fun with that one. Look at his silly head! That’s the kind of thing we would say back then. Because back then, all we had was pictures, we didn’t have the preview clip that has been posted to the Internet (and re-posted after the jump), we couldn’t actually hear his TINY STUPID BABY VOICE!?!?!

(Sorry, still can’t embed videos yet!)

Man oh man, what? WHAT?! What is this, I Am Sam 2: Adult Baby Goth Talk Nazi Hunter? Incredible. What is the opposite of Oscar bait? It’s where Sean Penn has to RETURN his Oscars to the fires of Mount Doom, right? Yikes. (Via BuzzFeed.)