Best New Party Game: Female Comedies

There has been a lot of talk lately about the state of women in comedy and how women can be funny, maybe even just as funny as non-women, and how maybe women aren’t very well-represented in comedy, and who’s fault is it? It’s a debate whose existence often seems like more of an insult than the actual problem it is debating. And maybe a debate that should just give it a rest. And while it is (kind of) hard to know where to stand in this debate without seeming like you’re either ignoring injustice or inventing, or at least aggrandizing, injustice, what ISN’T hard is playing a super fun party game where you turn movie titles into female comedy movie titles! It is both fun and challenging, just like being a woman. Some examples:

  • Florist Grump
  • District Wine
  • Into the Styled
  • Bridal Destination
  • Ex-Men
  • The Lyin’ King

Very empowering! So lets get to it and prove to each other and ourselves, once and for all, that women CAN be movie titles.