Please Help Us Welcome Videogum’s New Associate Editor: Kelly Conaboy

Exciting day today, you guys! Our brand new (and first ever) Associate Editor, Kelly Conaboy, starts today. Wonderful, wonderful news [Richard Gere voice]. Kelly is going to be doing some writing on the site as well as managing some of the off-site Videogum business like the Facebook page and the Videogumblr. In general she’s going to be a great addition to the team who is going to help make Videogum bigger and better than ever, so yay!

I’m going to hand the rest of this post over to Kelly in a second to let her introduce herself and tell you a little bit more about where she is coming from and how much Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip she may or may not be watching these days, but first I would just like to thank EVERYONE who applied for the position. There were so many of you, and all with so much to offer. It was a difficult decision, but at the end of the day, we could only choose one Associate Editor. So. You know. We’re all adults here. But thank you! And please help us in welcoming Kelly to the FAMILY. We think she’s going to do great, but she’s going to need your help in the form of enthusiastic support, and tips, and if you have any ideas for things Videogum should be doing differently, or better, or just doing that we aren’t already doing in the first place, please let her know. Listening to you is her job now! (Just kidding. Kind of!)

Thanks. And now, Kelly:

Hi guys! I’m Kelly. It is very nice to meet you. I’m going to be an associate editor here now which is a crazy thing so let’s just get on with it and try not to think about how nervous we are. I’m originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania and before you even ask, yes, I do like the scene in Home Alone where Mrs. McCallister gets stranded at the airport and it IS just like that in real life. (An airport.) Bait and switch! Now I live in Brooklyn, New York.

To tell you a bit more about myself, I’ve written things for a few places including Splitsider,The Huffington Post, and When Falls the Coliseum. I have a google alert on my name and I only get alerted about my own tweets. I like when babies speak other languages and I dislike when nerds on TV shows have scoliosis because I have scoliosis and I feel like I’m being forced to further a stereotype. Videogum is my favorite website so I am now very much looking forward to when my favorite band, Spoon, asks me to join their band. (And when I am cast in You Can Count On Me Too.)

I’ve been watching a lot of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip lately and, to let you in my head for a second, right now I’m feeling like Gabe is the Chandler character and I am the two writers from the episode where the whole writing staff left the show except for the two writers who hadn’t gotten any sketches on the air before. Right? I’m sure we’re all following this. Another timely example is that I feel like the part in Empire Records when they kind of tell Warren that he can have a job at Empire Records and he’s like, “But why should anyone give ME a job?” And it’s like yeah, I don’t know why they should give you a job? You just came into the store with a gun. Or it’s like a thing where somebody gets the thing that they want and deserve, which I wanted to add in to seem self-confident.

In any case, I am very excited! This is very exciting. Here goes absolutely everything!