This Is How You Sleep

If someone were to Incept you, the first level of the dream would be your bedroom (the walls covered in the most amazing Jon Hamm posters you’ve ever seen that somehow seem to good to be real, but then you dream-remember how you dream-spent three dream-weeks on dream-eBay dream-finding all of dream-them). A train would come roaring through, conducted by Jon Slattery in blackface and one of those train engineer hats. The second level would be the offices of Cooper Draper Sterling Pryce where you would drink a vodka on the rocks while staring out the window at an impossible cityscape that kind of looked like New York if a blurry photograph of New York were printed on a piece of cardboard and mounted at an angle, which you will realize is exactly what you are looking at because you are on a dream soundstage. Paul Kinsey will walk in and blow pipe smoke in your face. The third level of your dream is the same snow fortress as in the movie Inception, except that instead of your father on his death bed, it will be Jon Hamm on his death bed, and instead of a pinwheel in the dream safe full of secrets that is actually a metaphor for real secrets, your dream safe will just have an actual pinwheel in it. The kick is someone playing Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is” on a transistor radio as you drive your Cadillac off the Pan Am building. And purgatory, of course, will just be 9 eternal months of Rubicon reruns. Goodnight! (Image via TheHighDefinite. Click through to enlarge.)