The Videogum Movie Club: Bridesmaids

Had some of us–again, no one is here to play the Blame Game–been around last week, then this week’s Videogum Movie Club movie would have been Bridesmaids. As it stands, some of us still haven’t seen it and were still just catching up on Thor over the weekend, which, by the way, is GREAT. So fun! Who knew?! I will tell you who knew: people who saw Thor, that is who knew. Look, I am not gay, but since Thor is the god of GOOD MANNERS, I don’t think it counts, right? We can be in love. Whatever, it’s not any of anyone’s business anyway. Other than Heimdall. EVERYTHING is Heimdall’s business, am I right? Anyway, some of us, and I will say this as many times as I need to: it could be ANY of us, still have not seen Bridesmaids. I’m sure those of us who haven’t seen it definitely will see it eventually and very much want to see it but just haven’t had a chance to see it. I’m not trying to speak for anyone in particular, I’m just guessing at what the attitude of someone who maybe didn’t see it because they were busy looking up one bedroom apartments in Asgard on Craigslist might feel about the situation. For those of you who did see Bridesmaids this weekend, however, consider this your open threadsmaids.