Saturday Night Live: Ed Helms And Paul Simon

Ed Helms, you guys. I never thought he was particularly funny on The Daily Show. I’m sorry, Ed Helms. Admittedly, that’s one of those opinions that’s not particularly useful. It is literally an Internet opinion. “Gay!” That being said, I have really come to enjoy Ed Helms in most of his other projects, including The Office and Very Bad Trip, and one thing that all grouchy misanthropes charged with blogging about pop-culture can agree upon is that there is nothing better than being proven wrong. Seriously! It’s the best. I was wrong about Ed Helms. He is great! Perhaps Ed Helms’s greatest strength is his banjo playing overpowering likability. So likable! In his opening monologue on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live when he said that he wasn’t married, he just looked like he was married, he was right. That’s somehow part of it. And then when he did his baton-twirling routine, it was so goofy and stupid and full of joyful silliness, and that was part of it, too. Just likable. And he lent that powerful (overpowerful?) tone to the whole episode.

The whole episode was enjoyable from start to finish with almost no duds! There was the corn syrup commercial, which was great, although according to it was originally aired during the Zach Galifianakis episode, although I don’t remember that. There was a decent What’s Up With That although I am starting to feel like maybe that sketch has finally run its course (then again: California Raisins) but if we’re really going to talk about this week’s episode then let’s just get right to it: the Ambiguously Gay Duo short directed by Jason Woliner (Human Giant, Parks and Recreation, Eagleheart, etc) and featuring Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon, Steve Carrell, and Will Ferrell. Man oh man:

The end! I mean, we could start and end this whole post with that sketch because it was the highlight of the episode, probably the highlight of the season, and might have been better suited to next week’s season finale because seriously, what are they going to do to top it? Hopefully something amazing! But so, right, that happened.

You know what else happened? Garth and Kat!

Garth and Kat!

Speaking of music, a lot of this week’s episode isn’t online because of licensing rights. Like, the monologue because of “Eye of the Tiger.” Also, that sketch where the dudes all reminisce around the poker table because of whatever that song was I don’t remember.

In addition to an over-abundance of celebrity impersonations, recent seasons of episodes of Saturday Night Live have focused on old-timey stuff (Lawrence Welk Show, those Cinema Classics sketches, etc) and this week’s episode had two, both of them very good and very odd. There was “One Take Tony”:

And “Ann Margaret Throws Away a Piece of Paper”:

Who are these sketches for? I do not know! I guess, it turns out, they are for me, because I do enjoy them. I also enjoyed (man, I am on SEGUE FIRE today!) the republican campaign ad that (basically) closed out the show:

That’s what it’s like sometimes in this crazy mixed up world! Also: Paul Simon. He is very good at music but not as good at not looking like a crazy porcelain old man troll doll with a lesbian haircut. Anyway, like I was saying: Ed Helms, you guys. So likable.