Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

Sup ninjas! Werttrew here to wrap up this guest week. I like guest blogger weeks. I mean, no offense guest bloggers, Gabe is still the best at Videogum-ing. But I like getting to read these new voices talking about the same kind of stuff we like or are interested in or disdain. Also, guest bloggers use a lot more of my tips! No offense to Gabe. I hope I’m not offending anybody.

Speaking of our guest bloggers, your enjoyment of this week’s guest bloggers doesn’t have to end today. All of this week’s guest bloggers are on Twitter: Huckabeast, Superglue, Godsauce, Notsewfast, and caringiscool. Twitter accounts for “Booger” Bradley and Nginx are not available.

Speaking of Gabe, did you guys know that there is a new Gabe and Max Like The Internet episode? Check it out!

After the jump, the five Highest Rated comments, as voted on by you, the Lowest Rated comment, The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Martin Short Tries To Kill Kermit The Frog winner, and the Guest Editors’ Choices.

#5 Son of Gabe | May 6th Score:67

Wow, thanks you guys! As what is likely to happen when you tell a group of 13 year olds that you are gay my friends narced on me and now my entire school knows I’m gay. Mostly it hasn’t been that bad though other than a group of seventh graders who yell “faggot” and “cockgobbler” everytime I pass them in the hallway. This doesn’t bother me though because I’ve never had a problem with the word faggot and cockgobbler is hilarious! I’m thinking about changing my username from Son of Gabe to cockgobbler.

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#3 thepurplemonk | May 9th Score:73

Northern Overexposure

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#2 facetaco | May 10th Score:77

So last night I had to take my dog to the emergency room after I noticed that his junk was elongated and pink. Turns out that he had become too excited, it had popped out of the sheath, and couldn’t go back in. They rubbed honey on it to ease the swelling and relax it, and told me I could do the same thing if it ever happens again. This wasn’t a cheap visit; I ended up paying $250 to get my dog a honey handjob. Sorry, Supes, but I’m on Team Cats today.

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#1 Elvis vs. Shark | May 6th Score:77

Geez, childbirth, coming out, looks like you need to do life altering stuff to get recognition around here. Well I made a salad with 4 kinds of lettuce.

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[werttrew’s note: I guess you were proven WRONG, eh Elvis vs. Shark?? In your face!!]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

#1 eega | May 10th Score:-42

that kid is straight retarded, sorry guys.

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[werttrew’s note: Booooooo!]

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

lawblog | May 10th Score:62

He was later convicted on charges of conspiracy to kermit murder

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[werttrew’s note: Congratulations, Lawblog. You earned it!]

Guest Editor Huckabeast’s Choice

That One | May 10th Score:36

The YouTube comments are pretty good:

This is fake and gay
Difficult to masturbate
Retarded and FIRST

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Guest Editor Superglue’s Choice

OMGeorge | May 10th Score:12

Colton Burpo’s Bogus Journey

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[Note: This was a reply to the also very funny capt clown comment “’If the movie was called, ‘Hell Is For Real: A Little Boy’s Terrifying Adventure Of His Trip To Hell And Back’ – Rated R …I’d have already pre-purchased my ticket.”]

Guest Editor Godsauce’s Choice

jawnofthedead | May 11th Score:37

Pictured: Gabe at home

“Don’t cry for me… I’m already dead.”

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[Godsauce adds: “I was tempted to just give it to the entire #GreatestSandwichMovies thread, but that would be cheating. Instead, the darkly haunting poetry of jawnofthedead’s comment succinctly and powerfully captured the essence of my intentions with the post. You are a true artist.”]

Guest Editor Notsewfast’s Choice

KajusX & Chainsaws | May 12th Score:15

Seriously though, my memory of COMMUNITY was refreshed watching those clips. I didn’t remember half the lines, and I was laughing all over again. When the video ended I was really bothered I don’t own Community…

Everyone her has seen Mystery Team, right? If not, it’s NOW AVAILABLE on Netflix PlayNow.

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Guest Editor Caringiscool’s Choice

facetaco | 4:17pm Score:5

Nice name, Lady. Can’t wait for her new collaboration to come out. “Song” by Lady ft. Man is SURE to climb right up the charts.

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