‘Sup, pogs! Wanna holla at ya for a sec about some fresh news I think you’re gonna wanna get the 411 on!

It’s my boyfriend’s birthday today! Don’t be jealous because of how much we love each other, and express to each other in ways that are totes appropriate to our age and emotional maturity. We’re for realz in love, and we’re not trying to rush it, you know? You know. You’re totally cool. (I don’t want to talk about that bitch Kristen Stewart.)

In honor of his birthday, I have two gifts FOR YOU, Wheelie Heads and Silly Banditas!

First, is this HILARZ video of Rob being completely adorable! <3 U, BOO! Embed

Second is a link to some totally tubular wallpapers from the new Breaking Dawn movies! I CAN SERIOUSLY NOT STAND HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THOSE MOVIES MY MOM SAYS I NEED TO CALM DOWN BUT I CAAAAAAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, gotta motor, pokemons! Catch you on the flipside, maybe at the skate park or the mall? Whatevs. It’s all good. Fresh.