Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Also A Group Discussion About Spoilers

EXTRA SPECIAL GUEST EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m still having trouble with my pictures but I am not going to let a little thing like vanity keep me from posting hard-hitting content, so get started and I’ll fix the picture when I figure it out.

So, how about that TV last night, Monsters? I didn’t get to watch, but Twitter seemed to have enjoyed all the episodes. Lots of stuff happened, I guess! Why don’t you all discuss those happenings in the comments, eh? I saw a lot of calls for .gifs of Parks and Rec on Twitter, too. Post those, why dontcha?

Also, during this week of season finales and surprise endings, I have a question for discussion, guys. Do you feel like there’s a statute of limitation on spoilers? Would my upset be justified if someone ruined, say, a climactic twist in The Wire for me? What about a cliff hanger for a season finale episode of a show, a week later?

If there is a statute of limitations, is that effected by how pervasive the specific film, book or show is? I’m talking Harry Potter spoilers versus last episode of Battlestar Galactica spoilers. Do they get different statutes of limitations, because of their different levels of cultural saturation?

I’m of two minds on the topic, and I’d be interested to here what you guys have to say about it. Do we all need to preserve a zone of silence forever? Or can we start to finally openly discuss the fact that in season 5 of The Wire Stringer Bell is revealed to be a robot from Mars? (Oops, spoiler alert.) Please, let’s discuss this issue like a family. Perhaps there is a time when you had something spoiled for you.

Thanks to Chris Trash for his help with getting grandma her screen grab and special note to Baby Friday that this is in no way a dig at you for last night’s accidental Bones spoiler. The entire internet spoiled that one. <3 U, GURL.