Wednesday Night TV Open Thread


I know that we can all agree that due to NBC’s killer Thursday night lineup, it is the best night of the week, but can we at least agree that ABC is putting Wednesday night in the running for the 2nd best night of the week?

We haven’t had a lot of chance to talk about Modern Family much around here, but I feel an obligation to let you in on an investment that has paid some really solid dividends into my LOL(k). I totally get that there are some valid criticisms of Modern Family: The Dunphys are a VERY archetypical sitcom family, complete with dopey dad and a judging mom (who is right 75% of the time, but when she’s not things get TURNED ON THEIR HEAD). The Pritchett family is basically Married with Children as re-imagined by Telemundo, but in English. They milk Sophia Vergara’s accent for comedic affect at least once an episode, but since Sophia and I are getting married and having babies of our own I have nothing critical to say about this. The Pritchett’s son Manny, a smoking-jacket-wearing cappuccino-sipping 11 year old, is comedy perfection and is really just a solid addition to the show. Cam & Mitchell don’t fit into any TV show stereotypes, but they regularly fall into gay stereotypes which is genuinely funny, but sometimes feels like the easy way to get a laugh (Effeminate men=comedy GOLD).

Easy Joke

Having laid all of that out there, this show KILLS IT week after week and has that special office-esque quality where it can equal parts over-the-top wacky and earnestly sweet and make it work. I love this show. Sophia, Modern Family, and I are moving to a compound in Utah where we will live in plural wedded bliss until the ATF comes and shuts down our meth-cooking operation.

Gay Joey

ABC has decided to take on the NBC juggernaut by introducing ‘Happy Endings’ a few weeks ago in the time slot following Modern Family. Despite the unfortunate name, the show is basically ‘Friends’ in a single camera setup and also Joey is a homosexual. On paper I should hate this show, It stars the son of Damon Wayans, who I did not realize was old enough to have children of an acceptable age to play adults on TV, (Looking Good Damon Wayans Sr.!) and Elisha Cuthbert, who is generally the runner up to Olivia Munn in the category of ‘people who make me cringe but are nice to look at’. Here’s the thing: I don’t hate this show, I actually like it. It is very even handed with its retreading of sitcom territory and sometimes it feels genuinely fresh. Gay Joey is a slob, which is not so much groundbreaking as it is sort of about time. It’s refreshing to see a homosexual man who isn’t portrayed as a ninny who loves manicures and blueberry scones (but if he did I wouldn’t blame him, because c’mon, blueberry scones are amazing). This show is not out of the woods yet, and could take a turn for the worse in season 2, but I’m upgrading it from a hold to a buy, with a target price of Tivo season pass.

I have not watched ‘The Middle’ or ‘Cougartown’ (because Cougartown sounds like something that would force me to refill my cyanide prescription), but these shows may also be great additions to a well rounded portfolio.


What should we be watching Wednesday nights?